Evan Keely

Evan Keely is a weekend host on WETA Classical. A composer, arranger and sometime vocalist, he has a degree in Music History from the Boston University School of Music. He loves a wide variety of musical styles, from barbershop to jazz, musicals to heavy metal, Iraqi maqam to Indian ragas, but classical music is his first and most enduring love. Evan came into the world around the same time that Sesame Street made its first appearance, so public broadcasting has been an important part of his life from the very beginning.

“The values and ideals WETA represents and promotes,” he says, “are needed now more than ever in our country and our world: curiosity and wonder; inclusion and respect; an eagerness to relentlessly question, re-examine and debate, individually and communally learning, growing and evolving.”

Prior to joining the WETA team, he had a fifteen-year career as a change management consultant in the nonprofit sector. He is an alumnus of Harvard Divinity School and has a degree in Organization Development from George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government. When not on-air on WETA Classical and WETA VivaLaVoce, he can often be spotted gazing ruminatively at a chessboard.

(Photo by Jay Wiley.)