Presented by the Mexican Cultural Institute

The National Philharmonic is one of our area's celebrated orchestras and regularly performs at the Music Center at Strathmore. 

In this chamber music concert, they play music written by women composers from the 19th to the 21st century. 


  • Nicolette Oppelt, Flute
  • Mark Hill, Oboe
  • Cheryl Hill, Clarinet
  • Erich Heckscher, Bassoon
  • Michael Hall, Horn
  • Elizabeth Hill, Piano

Show Notes


Louise-Marie Simon (Claude Arrieu) - Quintet in C Major

Reena Esmail - The Light is the Same

Angelica Negron - The Flying Trapeze

Marie-Véra Maixandeau - Lied et Rondo

Jeanne Demessieux - Ballade, Op. 10

Dorothy Rudd Moore - Night Fantasy

Louise Farrenc - Sextet in C Minor, Op. 40