It's a holiday classic that is becoming more popular, especially in the Washington area. Bill Bukowski joins John Banther to explain everything we need to know in this masterpiece. From how it was originally performed, expected audience participation, and how Bach reused old music. Plus, we have some listener mail and a special Classical Breakdown challenge. 

Show Notes

After listening to the episode, take the challenge and listen to the entire Oratorio, either in 6 parts over a week or all at once (feel free to take a snack break halfway!)

Learn more about the Oratorio in this film documenting a performance over the Christmas season with John Elliot Gardiner, the English Baroque Soloists, and the Monteverdi Choir. Jauchzet, Frohlocket! The Start of John Eliot Gardiner's Bach Cantata Pilgrimage (1999) - YouTube