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Levine Music Partnership

Classical WETA is pleased to continue its partnership with Levine Music to promote their many community-based music programs and activities. Levine welcomes anyone interested in music -- regardless of age, ability, or means – to find lifelong inspiration and joy through learning, performing, listening to, and participating with others in music.

Levine Music is more than a school. They certainly focus on EDUCATION, with a faculty of 150 professional artists offering individual and group instruction. But Levine also stresses the importance and joy of PERFORMANCE, through its “Levine Presents” series, master classes, and competitions. And encompassing everything Levine offers is a focus on COMMUNITY, providing a musical home for children and adults at its four campuses in the Washington region and through partnerships with other arts organizations.

We invite you to learn more about Levine Music by listening to this rich collection of audio features, focusing on several of Levine’s activities. Classical WETA hosts speak with faculty, students, parents, and administrators to help bring the Levine story alive. For more information on Levine, visit

Introducing Levine Music

Peter Jablow

Interview with Levine CEO Peter Jablow

The Levine School of Music now offers activities at four campuses.  CEO Peter Jablow talks with Classical WETA’s Dan DeVany about why the name change to “Levine Music” better reflects all they do.

Early Childhood Education

Children and parents

Early Childhood Education Teacher Monika Vasey

Early Childhood Music Teacher Monika Vasey tells Classical WETA’s Nicole Lacroix she believes children are born with musical potential, and it’s important to develop love of music at a very early age.


Early Childhood Education Chair Gabriela Cohen

Dr. Gabriela Cohen is Levine’s Early Childhood and Elementary Music Chair.  She discusses the music curriculum for the very young with Classical WETA’s Nicole Lacroix.

Adult Students

Adult Student at Levine

Adult Students at Levine Music: Voice

Classical WETA’s Marilyn Cooley speaks with Levine pianist and vocal coach Patrick O’Donnell and his adult student, mezzo Nadamayi Shanti.


Adult Students at Levine Music: Guitar

Classical WETA’s Marilyn Cooley speaks with Levine guitar teacher Franco Platino and his adult student Nancy Reder.


Adult Students at Levine Music

About a third of the student population at Levine Music is made up of adults.  Classical WETA’s Marilyn Cooley explored their musical adventures with two adult students and their teachers.

Suzuki Method

Suzuki student

Levine Suzuki Flute Teacher Rebecca Collaros

Levine Suzuki Flute Teacher Rebecca Collaros and her young student Olivia tell Classical WETA’s Nicole Lacroix that the Suzuki method teaches children to be "noble spirits."


Levine Suzuki Piano Teacher Karen Bartman

Suzuki piano teacher Karen Bartman and her young student Zachary show Classical WETA’s Nicole Lacroix the series of steps students need to achieve as they progress through the Suzuki method.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Levine's Music Therapy Instruments

Leanne Belasco is Levine’s Director of Music Therapy.  She demonstrates the wide variety of musical instruments she uses in the program to Classical WETA’s Dan DeVany.


Levine's Music Therapy Program

Levine’s Director of Music Therapy, Leanne Belasco, invites Classical WETA’s Dan DeVany to observe her work with Jackson, one of the young students in Levine's Music Therapy program.

"Levine Presents" Concert Series

Levine Presents Concert

Piano Teacher Anna Ouspenskaya on Levine Presents

Pianist and Levine faculty member Anna Ouspenskaya chats with Classical WETA’s Nicole Lacroix about the "Levine Presents" Performance Series, "one of Washington’s best-kept secrets."


"Levine Presents" Director Lois Narvey

Lois Narvey, Director of Programs, Events and Partnerships tells Classical WETA’s Nicole Lacroix about the “Levine Presents” Performance Series — featuring faculty members and open to the community.


Levine student Marisa Wright

Levine Student Marisa Wright

Classical WETA's David Ginder chats with Marisa and her mother, Tricia Wright, about how the interest in music got started, how it's blossomed, and what it means for life growth in general.


Levine at THEARC: String Teacher Phyllis Fleming

Classical WETA’s David Ginder speaks with Ms. Fleming, and student Marisa Wright and her mother, Tricia, about how Levine lessons and events at THEARC nurture young people and enrich the community.


Levine at THEARC: Campus Director Regan Ford

Classical WETA’s David Ginder speaks with Levine’s Campus Director at THEARC about what the rich cultural center in SE D.C. brings to community and individuals.


Levine at THEARC: More from Regan Ford

Classical WETA's David Ginder chats further with Regan Ford about THEARC facility, the other partners there, and its huge benefits to the growth of young Levine students—musical growth and otherwise.

Honors Program

Levine Honors Student Jessica Schwartz

Levine Music’s Honors Program

Levine Music’s Honors Program offers skilled players ages 8 to 18 opportunities to expand their musicianship and music-making.  Classical WETA’s Deb Lamberton has this profile of the program.

Misbin Family Memorial Chamber Music Competition

Misbin Family Memorial Chamber Music Competition

Teenage trio prepares for 2014 Chamber Music Competition

Levine Music's chamber music coach Dr. Efi Hackmey and members of the John S. Martin Trio talk to Classical WETA's Deborah Lamberton about the importance of playing chamber music.


Levine Music's Lois Narvey

Lois Narvey, Levine Music's Director of Programs, Events, and Partnerships explains the origins and importance of the annual chamber music competition funded by Dr. Robert Misbin, and presented by Levine Music and WPAS.

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