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Levine Music Partnership

Classical WETA is pleased to continue its partnership with Levine Music to promote their many community-based music programs and activities. Levine welcomes anyone interested in music — regardless of age, ability, or means — to find lifelong inspiration and joy through learning, performing, listening to, and participating with others in music.

Levine Music is more than a school. They certainly focus on EDUCATION, with a faculty of 150 professional artists offering individual and group instruction. But Levine also stresses the importance and joy of PERFORMANCE, through its “Levine Presents” series, master classes, and competitions. And encompassing everything Levine offers is a focus on COMMUNITY, providing a musical home for children and adults at its four campuses in the Washington region and through partnerships with other arts organizations.

This season, we are highlighting a series of lectures by Saul Lilienstein at Levine's DC campus, focusing on New York Arts in the '20s and '30s. Lilienstein is a former student of Leonard Bernstein, and in a Classical Conversation with Linda Carducci, he talks passionately about the vibrant art scene that developed a century ago in Harlem.

Classical WETA is pleased to be the media sponsor of the 2019-2020 “Levine Presents” series of performances, “Stories of Transformation and Evolution.” Concerts include:

  • Cello Stories (Oct 19), showcasing the evolution of the cello
  • Louis XIV Conquers the World (Nov 9), showcasing music and dance in the French court
  • Transfigured Night Stories of Love and Longing (Jan 25), exploring themes of human frailty and transcendence
  • A Musical Offering for J. S. Bach (Feb 8), pairing excerpts from Bach's The Musical Offering with pieces and improvisations by living composers

For more information on the entire series and other educational opportunities, visit

Audio Features


Lois Narvey

Levine Presents "Stories of Transformation and Evolution"

James Jacobs talks with three Levine School of Music faculty members - Lois Narvey, Jeremy Castillo, and Vasily Popov - about the upcoming season of Levine Presents.

Levine Music presents Saul Lilienstein: "New York Arts in 1920s and 1930s"

Saul Lilienstein discusses his lecture series, "New York Arts in the 1920s and 1930s" at Levine Music, Oct. 2 through June 3.

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