Bach Reimagined

Sam Post

The music of Bach, whose birthday we celebrate this month, is very familiar to audiences, but you haven't heard his music reimagined like this before as Sam Post and Ralitza Patcheva re-write Bach in a new syncopated style on Front Row Washington Monday night at 9PM ET. This concert, presented by Catholic University, is part of the WTC 300 (Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier 300th anniversary, 2022) project by Sam Post and Ralitza Patcheva, where they rhythmically re-imagine JS Bach's music.

From Sam Post's website: For three centuries, students, musicians and listeners alike have studied and revered these Preludes and Fugues as preeminent exemplars of Bach's contrapuntal mastery.For the 300th anniversary, my colleague Ralitza Patcheva and I are re-writing the entire book, 24 Preludes and Fugues, in a new, syncopated rhythmic style.

The life and music of Cécile Chaminade

On the new Classical BreakdownJohn Banther and Evan Keely explore the fascinating life of 20th century French composer, Cécile Chaminade, a trail a trailblazer who created her own success and defied critics everywhere she went. 


The Archduke Trio

Musical power couple David Finckel and Wu Han are joined by violinist and founding member of the Emerson String Quartet, Philip Setzer on this week's Center Stage from Wolf Trap. Together they perform the entirety of Beethoven's Archduke Trio, which was written in dedication to Archduke Rudolph of Austria who was a patron, friend, and composition student. Saturday at 9PM ET.

Wu Han

Rachmaninoff 150

April 1, 2023, marks the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Sergei Rachmaninoff, a composer and pianist who remains one of the 20th century's most beloved musical figures. We'll begin our celebration on Choral Showcase with two works: Spring, an early cantata from 1902; and from 1910, the great Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Sunday at 9PM ET.


Bel canto on Opera Matinee

Bellini's bel canto masterpiece Norma is a drama of the High Priestess Norma who forsakes her ideals and vows for love, resulting in a deadly triangle of love and sacrifice that includes the famous aria "Casta Diva".  Soprano Sonya Yoncheva is featured in title role, as well as Ekaterina Gubanova, conducted by Maurizio Benini. On this week's Opera Matinee at 12PM ET.


Bach Sonatas, a Chopin Nocturne, & Carmen Fantasie


On this week's From the Topa teenage flutist’s playful performance of Carmen's Fantasie kicks off this week’s program. We also meet a young marimba player who’s a star member of one of the strongest marching bands in Texas, and a teenage pianist who performs the music of Chopin. Finally, we travel to one of Boston’s great churches to hear a young organist perform the music of J.S. Bach. Sunday at 6PM ET.

Classical Sunrise celebrates Women's History Month

Start each day with a special selection celebrating Women's History Month on Classical Sunrise! We highlight a French Romantic woman composer each sunrise this week - the perfect way to celebrate and recognize women in music, and to start the first official week of Spring with the beautiful French Romantic ideals!

  • Monday 7:13AM Cécile Chaminade - Primavera
  • Tuesday 7:11AM Louise Farrenc - Symphony No. 3: III. Scherzo
  • Wednesday 7:09AM Cécile Chaminade - Callirhoé Ballet Suite: Scherzettino
  • Thursday 7:08AM Pauline Viardot - Violin Sonatine: II. Scherzo
  • Friday 7:06AM Lili Boulanger - Cortège

Spring France

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