Dvorak's Cello Concerto, 5 things to listen for!

ShakespeareFest: Dvořák and Shakespeare

Tonight on ShakespeareFest, James Jacobs guides us through Dvořák's Othello Overture. Learn more about the third installment of Dvořák's trilogy of overtures, representing "cosmic drama" that is real life love. 

vaughan williams

ShakespeareFest: Vaughan Williams and Shakespeare

Tonight we explore Vaughan Williams' beautiful Serenade to Music, a musical setting to texts from The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare's most beautiful and perceptive speeches about the power of music.


Shakespeare’s 400 Year Musical Journey

James Jacobs takes you on the 400 year journey of Shakespeare and classical music in celebration of the upcoming Shakespeare Everywhere Festival and our on-air celebrations of Shakespeare and music.