Rachmaninoff 150 Celebrations

Thu, 3/30/2023 - 12:01 pm

Program Director Jim Allison speaks about our celebrations of Rachmaninoff's 150th birthday in the month of April on WETA Classical and WETA VivaLaVoce.


Choral Showcase Celebrates Rachmaninoff at 150

Thu, 3/23/2023 - 11:53 am

This Sunday, Choral Showcase pays tribute to Rachmaninoff's 150th birthday on April 1 with two of his lesser-known vocal works, both very much worth getting to know.


Rachmaninoff's Vespers with The Thirteen

Wed, 2/22/2023 - 2:15 pm

Artistic Director of The Thirteen, Matthew Robertson, shares a special guest blog speaking about Rachmaninoff's Vespers in light of The Thirteen's upcoming performances of the vocal masterpiece. 


Celebrate Rachmaninoff at 150 with the National Philharmonic

Fri, 1/27/2023 - 2:17 pm

Music lovers world-wide are celebrating Rachmaninoff's 150th birthday this year. The National Philharmonic brings the celebrations to the DMV with their program "Rachmaninoff's 150th Birthday." Hear from Maestro Piotr Gajewski about this exciting program!