​If you can’t yet get away for summer vacation, NSO Showcase has you covered. How’s this for an itinerary? Bohemia, Chicago, Norway to North Africa and Vienna? Your tour guide, Maestro Noseda, is from Italy, with an American guest conductor.


We’ll begin our journey by celebrating the beauties of the natural world, as Teddy Abrams leads the National Symphony Orchestra in Czech composer Antonin Dvorak’s In Nature’s Realm. Then Music Director Gianandrea Noseda takes over with Florence Price’s Symphony No.3, inspired by the Chicago Black Renaissance.

Fresh from a triumphant visit to Carnegie Hall last April, Noseda demonstrated his characteristic ability to tell a story in stirring detail in Grieg’s portrait of the peripatetic scamp Peer Gynt. Our musical tour ends in Vienna, with a triumphant Beethoven’s Fifth.

This program is truly a showcase of the artistry of the National Symphony Orchestra, as they bring to life Peer Gynt’s nightmarish trolls, the Juba dance from Florence Price’s symphony, and Beethoven’s all-powerful Fifth.  

Photo Credit: Yassine El Mansouri

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