Chopin is celebrating his 214th birthday on March 1 and we are celebrating his music and his impact in the world of piano! We are thrilled to be a partner of the 68th Kosciuszko Foundation Chopin Piano Competition taking place February 28 through March 3 right here in DC in this week. Our host Matthew Dayton will be on-site to bring us all the excitement, shared on our Facebook and Instagram. And our recording engineer Bruce Cain will be there to record the solo performances for future broadcast. See below to learn more about Chopin, our Chopin-Spree, and the competition.

Chopin-Spree 🎹🎶

Celebrate Chopin on his birthday weekend! Join us for our Chopin-Spree this weekend, March 1 through 3, with music by Chopin every hour.

The Kosciuszko Foundation's Chopin Piano Competition

On February 28 through March 3, Washington DC is hosting the prestigious Kosciuszko Foundation's Chopin Piano Competition. The competition dates back to 1950, and previous winners include Van Cliburn, Murray Perahia, and Myung Yun Chung to name a few. All events (with the exception of the prize giving) will take place at St. Ann Catholic Church and is free and open to the public.


  • February 28: The competition kicks off with the opening concert. The 2022 First Prize Laureate Yun-Chih Hsu will be presenting a recital.
  • February 29-March 1: The semifinal round - each of the nine semifinalists will be presenting a 55 minute solo program.
  • March 2: The competition will hold a masterclass with jury members Akiko Ebi, Krzysztof Jablonski, and Ewa Poblocka. 
  • March 3: Final round - the finalists will present a concerto performance with members of the National Philharmonic and Maestro Piotr Gajewski. The competition will conclude Sunday evening at the Residence of the Polish Ambassador.

The Life and Music of Chopin

Podcast: Piano Transformed - The Life and Music of Frederic Chopin

In this episode of Classical Breakdown, John Banther and Bill Bukowski talk about Chopin's early life, relationships, new styles of music he wrote, what set him apart, and more! Learn how he was a different kind of composer than Mozart and Beethoven, and he transformed how we hear the piano. 

Blog: Chopin and the Modern Piano

Ever wondered how piano music progressed from early keyboard sonatas to the thundering concertos by Rachmaninoff? Chopin played a pivotal role in innovating piano music, redefining the piano as a solo instrument. Matthew Dayton shares his thoughts on how Chopin achieved the monumental leap with new techniques and musical styles for the piano.


Learn more about the competition

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