1. Choose television shows that reinforce your family's values.

  2. Limit your child's "screen time" – television, computers, video games, etc.

  3. Keep television out of your child's bedroom so that you know what he's watching, how much he's watching, and when he's watching.

  4. Help your child choose programs that are right for his age and interests.

  5. Find books that extend the learning of programs your child enjoys.

  6. Record your child's favorite shows so she can watch them over and over again. Remember that children learn from seeing things more than once.

  7. Watch television with your child when you can so you can help him understand what he's seeing and hearing.

  8. When you have recorded a program, you can "stop the action" from time to time and discuss the program with your child.

  9. Use the TV guide and help your child choose the programs he wants to watch during the week.

  10. After your child watches a program, encourage her to draw a picture about what she saw or heard.

  11. Plan to do activities with your child that relate to the theme or story of a program he watched.

  12. Encourage your child to talk to the television when she is watching a show.

  13. Choose programs for your child that encourage creative and critical thinking and make her want to learn more.

  14. Help your child make connections between what he sees on television and his own everyday life.