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August 12 - 18, 2019

Don't Miss Downton Abbey Live!

Downton Abbey Live

A new Downton Abbey special presents a nostalgic celebration of the popular British drama and a look forward to the upcoming movie. It will include special guests, lively conversation, new cast interviews, and clips from the upcoming Downton feature film, all broadcast live from New York City in front of a studio audience.

Downton Abbey Live! airs Sunday, August 18 at 9pm on WETA TV 26 and WETA HD.

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Family Pictures USA

Family Pictures USA

Join host Thomas Allen Harris to explore American cities, towns and rural communities through the lens of the family photo album, unearthing rich personal stories that expand our understanding of history, diversity and common values.

Family Pictures USA airs Monday, August 12 at 9pm on WETA TV 26 and WETA HD or stream with the free PBS Video App.

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Explore the Far Solar System with NOVA's "The Planets"

NOVA: The Planets

In the far reaches of the solar system, Uranus and Neptune dazzle with unexpected rings, supersonic winds and dozens of moons; and NASA's New Horizons probe gets a stunning up-close view of Pluto.

NOVA airs Wednesday, August 14 at 9pm on WETA TV 26 and WETA HD or stream with the free PBS Video App.

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Now Streaming on WETA Passport

The Chaperone

Our newest member benefit allows you to watch your favorite WETA shows whenever and wherever you want. This week, enjoy these programs among many others:

WETA Passport is a benefit for members that provides you with extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming. Featuring both PBS and select local programming, WETA Passport allows you to watch even more of your favorite shows, including full seasons of many current and past series. Click here to learn more or activate now!

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Download the Classical WETA App Today!

Classical WETA App

Get the best of Classical WETA in more ways than ever before! Our Classical WETA app is now available via iTunes, Google Play and Download it today and take great music with you wherever you go!

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Problems Receiving WETA Over the Air? Let Us Try and Help

Channel Rescan Required on August 2

We are aware that some of WETA's broadcast audience has experienced difficulty receiving our television signal. This issue affects some viewers who watch our channels via antenna following WETA's FCC-mandated transition to a new broadcast frequency on August 2.

Viewers who use an over-the-air antenna must perform a channel rescan on their television in order to continue to receive WETA channels. If rescanning does not restore your WETA reception, you may need to perform a double rescan, and you can find instructions for how to do this on our website.

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The 2019 Big Summer Booklist from Reading Rockets

Summer Reading 2019

Ahhh... summer! The perfect season for cool drinks, fresh-air reading, and a towering stack of books inviting kids to visit new worlds, real and imagined. Reading Rockets' children's literature expert and blogger, Maria Salvadore, carefully chose each book — to keep kids reading all summer long. The age-leveled lists are ready to print and take to your local library or bookstore.

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Use Your Investments for All They Are Worth

Use Your Investments

Stock or mutual funds that have been held longer than one year and have appreciated in value may be donated to WETA and may provide you with tax savings. When you give appreciated stock or securities, you avoid paying capital-gains tax on the increased value of your asset. You may also be entitled to a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of your stock.

When considering gifts of stock, we recommend you consult with your financial adviser. To learn more, visit our web site or email Debbie Eliason at

Make the Switch and Become a Monthly Sustainer!

Make the Switch

Your support for WETA goes even further when you have your monthly donation automatically deducted from your checking account. And for every WETA member who makes the switch through August 14, the Eugene B. Casey Foundation will match your gift dollar-for-dollar up to $100! Make the switch today or become a brand-new WETA monthly sustainer and take advantage of this special match opportunity today!

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Discuss the Grantchester Season Finale on Telly Visions!

Grantchester Season 4 Finale Recap

Another season of popular mystery series Grantchester is in the books! But what did you think of Season 4 — and new addition Will Davenport? Discuss all your feelings about the fourth season finale and the show in general at Telly Visions. Stop by our British blog for a full recap of the latest episode!

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