WETA is saddened to share the news of the passing of Ward Chamberlin on February 23, 2017. Ward served as President and CEO of WETA for fourteen years, from 1975 until 1989, and then as the Vice Chairman of our Board of Trustees until 1994. Ward was one of the founders of public broadcasting and played a major role in creating PBS and NPR.

Ward was also instrumental in developing WETA's relationship with Ken Burns and Florentine Films. At Ken's first meeting at WETA, Ward decided to write him a check on-the-spot to complete a film, and a thirty-plus-year partnership was born. Years later, for his seminal 2007 film The War, Ken featured Ward's time in North Africa and Italy as a volunteer ambulance driver with the American Field Service in World War II. 

In the video clip below, Ken Burns tells in his own words how his relationship with WETA began with a bold decision by then-WETA president Ward Chamberlin.

Ken Burns Discusses His History Working with WETA


Ken Burns recounts the origins of his working relationship with WETA, which began decades ago when he met former WETA CEO Ward Chamberlain.