Our dear friend and beloved colleague Gwen Ifill passed away Monday, November 14, 2016, following several months of cancer treatment. She was surrounded by loving family and many friends whom we ask that you keep in your thoughts and prayers.

"Gwen was an extraordinary and special person — one of the nation's leading lights in journalism, a gracious and inspiring colleague, and a warm and steadfast friend. As she bravely battled cancer, Gwen was lifted by the well wishes, flowers and emails from so many who love and respect her. My heart truly goes out to her and her wonderful family. Earlier today, I conveyed to Gwen the devoted love and affection of all of us at WETA/NewsHour. Let us hold Gwen and her family even closer now in our hearts and prayers. I have loved knowing and working with Gwen and will always cherish her memory."
— Sharon Percy Rockefeller, President & CEO of WETA,

To honor Gwen’s memory, WETA established the Gwen Ifill Fund for Journalism Excellence. WETA is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to the Gwen Ifill Fund for Journalism Excellence at WETA are fully tax deductible.

To make a gift in memory of Gwen, you may:

  • Contact WETA at 703-998-1834 
  • Visit weta.org/in-memory-of-gwen
  • Send a gift to WETA, In Memoriam, 3939 Campbell Avenue, Arlington, Virginia 22206

A tribute to Gwen Ifill’s remarkable life and legacy

25m 4s

Washington Week celebrates Gwen Ifill's remarkable life and legacy with the friends and colleagues who knew her best. Michele Norris, Gwen’s close friend, leads the conversation between many of their fellow journalists, and notes how she embodied the motto “lift while you climb.”