Jackson water crisis exposes impact of aging infrastructure

7m 17s

Jackson, Mississippi's boil water notice was lifted Thursday, nearly seven weeks after a failure at the city's main water treatment plant left residents without access to clean running water. But many residents say problems with Jackson's water system have persisted for years. Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who led military relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, joins Geoff Bennett to discuss.

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    Why low-income families are struggling to afford diapers

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    The high cost of diapers is an often invisible part of poverty in America. Although more than 5 million babies and toddlers in the U.S. live in low-income families, most government programs don't provide diapers or funding to purchase them. Ali Rogin reports on how some families are coping and how some organizations are stepping in to help.

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    What we're learning from the James Webb Space Telescope

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    NASA's James Webb Space Telescope launched last Christmas and released its first image in July, providing the deepest and sharpest view we've ever seen of the universe. Since then, it has captured faraway star nurseries, cosmic cliffs and galactic clusters. PBS NewsHour science correspondent Miles O'Brien joins Geoff Bennett to discuss what these images can tell us.

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