The Good Road

Cocoa Beach, Florida - “The Overview Effect”

If travel changes you then traveling to space changes you completely. We explore the overview effect in which people who travel to space develop a new perspective on what it means to call Earth home. We meet the educators, entrepreneurs and rocket scientists taking the next generation of men and women into the cosmos and learn about the unique ways they will get them there.

Cocoa Beach, Florida - “The Overview Effect”

26m 15s

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  • Nashville, Tennessee - “Growing Pains”: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Nashville, Tennessee - “Growing Pains”

    S3 E308 - 26m 15s

    When most people think of Nashville, they think Country Music and now, regrettably, bachelorette parties. But, locals know with a little effort you can find more than honkytonks and pedal taverns. We meet some of the people making space for “off brand” music and art. From Jack White’s third man records to LoveNoise promotions, we dive into the other side of music city.

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    Richmond, Virginia - “Holy River”

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    The James River is the reason for Richmond’s existence, and yet, in the 1970s it was one of the most polluted rivers in the country. We meet the activists and scientists who transformed it from a D- to a B+ with hard work, perseverance and art. We are also introduced to the Atlantic Sturgeon - the amazing fish that survived the meteor that killed the dinosaurs but was almost wiped out by humans.

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    San Juan, Puerto Rico - “Island as Identity”

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    Puerto Rico occupies a unique place in American identity. Wholly American and yet uniquely apart. We explore this paradise through the lens of anti-colonial art in the heart of San Juan and through ex-pat poetry and spoken word in the shadow of the rainforest. Along the way, Craig and Earl chat with an independence minded activist at an old San Juan watering hole.

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