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WETA Arts: September 2019


PREMIERES ON WETA TV 26 AND WETA HD friday, September 13 AT 4:00 PM

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WETA Arts spotlights visual and performing arts in Greater Washington and celebrates the diverse cultural heritage of the nation’s capital. The half-hour magazine-style show presents a variety of stories, profiles and discussions, while introducing emerging and established artists alike. This month, WETA Arts celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. We show Alejandro Góngora leading a Mexican folk-dance troupe called Corazón Folklórico; we meet Elena Lacayo, whose folk-rock band Elena & Los Fulanos integrates her U.S. and Nicaraguan roots; we visit National Portrait Gallery curator Taína Caragol, who is part of the Smithsonian’s effort to welcome the Latino population; and we chat with DC-based playwright Karen Zacarías, whose works often deliberate on issues of Latin American heritage.


Corazón Folklórico

Corazón Folklórico

At an early age, Alejandro Góngora fell in love with baile folkorico, a dance style that combines traditional Mexican folk dance with ballet and choreography. When he moved to DC, he started his own troupe, called Corazón Folklórico.


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Elena & Los Fulanos

Elena Lacayo

When Elena Lacayo learned to play guitar as a child in Nicaragua, she wanted to rock out U.S.-style. Now in the U.S., she increasingly turns to her Latin American roots for inspiration.


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Taína Caragol and the National Portrait Gallery

Taína Caragol

Taína Caragol is the first curator of Latino art and history at the National Portrait Gallery. She gives WETA a tour that highlights pieces intended to make the gallery a space that reflects the complex tapestry of the American experience.


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Karen Zacarías

Karen Zacarías

Karen Zacarías is a nationally-recognized playwright who lives right here in DC. We talk with her about her plays, which often touch on Latin American themes.


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