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Robert Costa Letter to Washington Week Viewers

Robert Costa on the set of Washington Week (Photo credit: Scott Suchman)Dear Washington Week Viewer,

It is truly an honor and a privilege to join the Washington Week team. Like you, I’ve long appreciated the program’s rich legacy, integrity and commitment to providing viewers with informed analysis of the biggest stories.

I am, first and foremost, a news reporter. Like my colleagues, I spend most of my days roaming through the Capitol and the White House picking up tidbits of information to share with the public. As reporters, we are highly competitive, each of us digging for information to break the next scoop before anyone else. But each Friday evening, that competition is set aside for a civil, smart, and in-depth conversation. This is what drew me to this opportunity: the chance to bring the best reporters together each week to share with you, Washington Week viewers, our collective experiences and passions for the politics and policies that shape our country.

Washington Week is a treasured resource for so many viewers across this country who value civil conversation and who care about how our democracy works. The past moderators of the program, and most especially Gwen Ifill, earned the trust and affection of a large and loyal audience. I met Gwen when I was a first-time guest on Washington Week in 2014. Gwen became a treasured friend and mentor to me, as she had become to many journalists throughout Washington and across the country. Early in the 2016 campaign, I was with Gwen in New Hampshire during the primaries. I remember it was a crazy day on the campaign trail, but somehow it didn’t seem to faze Gwen. Even after her decades in the business, she still loved being there. Gwen loved politics, her colleagues and her viewers. It is deeply humbling to follow her as moderator. Her spirit and love for Washington Week will guide us now and long into the future.

I look forward to sharing Friday evenings with you around this roundtable.  I look forward to hearing from you about how we are doing, what you want us to cover, and how what happens in Washington is affecting you. Please share your comments with me on Twitter  @costareports and @washingtonweek.

Thank you for welcoming me to your public television station and to Washington Week.

Best regards,

Robert Costa

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