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The War

A World Without War

Germany and the Japanese surrender too and millions try to learn to live without war.
The Ghost Front

WETA PassportThe Ghost Front

By mid March, 1945, they are across the Rhine, while Russians are 50 miles from Berlin.



Victory in Europe seems imminent.

Pride of our Nation

WETA PassportPride of our Nation

On D-Day, 1.5 million Allied troops take part in the greatest invasion in history.

A Deadly Calling

WETA PassportA Deadly Calling

Americans are shocked by losses on the Pacific and Allied forces are stalled.

When Things Get Tough

WETA PassportWhen Things Get Tough

Americans mobilize for total war at home and overseas

A Necessary War

WETA PassportA Necessary War

The lives of Americans are changed forever on Dec. 7, 1941.