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Unforgotten on Masterpiece

This crime drama stars Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar as the lead characters DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunil "Sunny" Khan. 

Episode 6

The team race to find evidence to prove the identity of Hayley’s killer.
Episode 5

WETA PassportEpisode 5

As Cassie and Sunny get closer to the truth, the case takes a devastating turn for Cassie.

Episode 4

WETA PassportEpisode 4

Cassie and Sunny suspect the men are lying. The press learn James has been questioned.

Episode 3

WETA PassportEpisode 3

Cassie and Sunny interview four men while the team returns to the original investigation.

Episode 2

WETA PassportEpisode 2

The team travel to Middenham to meet Hayley’s family.

Episode 1

WETA PassportEpisode 1

Cassie and Sunny work to identify human remains found buried near a London motorway.

Episode 3

WETA PassportEpisode 3

Tessa, Sara, Colin, and Marion each have a motive—but also an alibi.