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Episode 8

The Swedish police and the FBI now know where Helen is, but will they get there in time?
Episode 7

WETA PassportEpisode 7

Ingvar is forced to cooperate with Warren to find Inger Johanne and Helen Tyler.

Episode 6

WETA PassportEpisode 6

Warren has a hard time getting the rest of the FBI to listen to his theory.

Episode 5

WETA PassportEpisode 5

Swedish police are still searching for a mole within their own ranks.

Episode 4

WETA PassportEpisode 4

Leaks from the Swedish police prove to be from someone on the Task Force.

Episode 3

WETA PassportEpisode 3

Inger Johanne has to steel herself in order to bear working with Warren.

Episode 2

WETA PassportEpisode 2

The Swedish police allocate their resources to the search for the American president.