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Independent Lens

A Day in the Life of America

July 4th, 2017: 92 film crews, 24 hours, a snapshot of a nation on the verge of upheaval.

American Nomads Short Film

Meet these American Nomads, who made their homes while living their best life on the road.

A Woman's Work

A Woman's Work

Meet the NFL's most exploited athletes — the cheerleaders.

Jonathan Scott's Power Trip

WETA PassportJonathan Scott's Power Trip

The “Property Brother” journeys across the U.S. to explore the battle over solar energy.


WETA PassportDawnland

Watch this film up to November 30th.


WETA PassportRepresent

Leading up to 2018 elections, three Midwestern women tackle politics on their own terms.

Feels Good Man

WETA PassportFeels Good Man

Pepe the Frog’s surreal journey from mellow cartoon character to registered hate symbol.