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The Great British Baking Show

The Final

After weeks of pastries, cakes, and bread, three bakers have made it to the Final.

WETA PassportPatisserie

There are only four bakers left vying for a place in the much sought after final.


WETA PassportBiscuits

It’s the biscuit-based quarter final, and the challenges are on another level.

Sweet Dough

WETA PassportSweet Dough

Facing three sweet dough challenges, the bakers start their campaign with Signature buns.


WETA PassportPuddings

This week, it’s all about puddings.


WETA PassportPies

This week, the bakers turn their attention to pies.


WETA PassportDesserts

The bakers get their dessert as they face three challenges all designed for a sweet tooth.