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Grantchester on Masterpiece

Episode 6

There’s cause for joy in the village as everyone prepares for a wedding.
Episode 5

WETA PassportEpisode 5

Steph risks losing the farm, and Teresa has a big decision to make.

Episode 4

WETA PassportEpisode 4

The Brindsleys make a disturbing discovery, and there’s joyful news in the Campbell house.

Episode 3

WETA PassportEpisode 3

As the Battle of Britain intensifies, the women must do all they can to keep spirits high.

Episode 2

WETA PassportEpisode 2

Laura’s disgrace becomes public, and the attraction between Pat and Marek grows.

Episode 1

WETA PassportEpisode 1

It’s June 1940, and Britain faces the threat of imminent invasion.

Episode 6

WETA PassportEpisode 6

As war draws closer to home, the women have their own battles to fight.