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Frankie Drake Mysteries

Extra Innings

When a star ladies baseball player dies during a game, Frankie suspects foul play.
Dressed to Kill

WETA PassportDressed to Kill

Frankie is hired to protect Coco Chanel when she’s the target of an assassination attempt.

Radio Daze

WETA PassportRadio Daze

Mary is acting in a radio play but realizes she’s in over her head.

Last Dance

WETA PassportLast Dance

A kidnapping at a dance hall keeps the team on their toes. Can they find the victim?

The Old Switcheroo

WETA PassportThe Old Switcheroo

When an old rival swans into town, Frankie’s sure a break-in at the museum is connected.

Season 3 Preview

Season 3 Preview

Drake Private Detectives take on challenging cases and face off against impressive foes.

Season 2 Preview

Season 2 Preview

In the second season, cases will take Frankie and her team across prohibition-era Toronto.