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Expedition With Steve Backshall

Oman - Desert Fortress

Visit Oman’s Dhofar Mountains, where Steve Backshall encounters one of the rarest animals.
Suriname - Ghost River

WETA PassportSuriname - Ghost River

Ride along as Steve Backshall kayaks a Surinamese river so remote, it doesn’t have a name.

Greenland - Ice Mountain

WETA PassportGreenland - Ice Mountain

Climb alongside Steve Backshall as he attempts to summit an unclimbed Greenland mountain.

Mexico - Maya Underworld

WETA PassportMexico - Maya Underworld

Return to Mexico with Steve Backshall as he discovers Mayan secrets in subterranean caves.

Bhutan – White Water

WETA PassportBhutan – White Water

Join Steve Backshall on his quest to kayak the last unrun river in Bhutan.

Borneo – Dark Shadow

WETA PassportBorneo – Dark Shadow

Follow Steve Backshall into a Bornean cave system.

Mexico – Flooded Caves

WETA PassportMexico – Flooded Caves

Dive into a network of unexplored underwater caves in Mexico with Steve Backshall.