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Downton Abbey on Masterpiece

Downton Abbey, the award-winning series from Julian Fellowes, spans 12 years of gripping drama centered on a great English estate on the cusp of a vanishing way of life. The series follows the Granthams and their family of servants through sweeping change, scandals, love, ambition, heartbreak, and hope.

Episode 9

Learn how fate will resolve the stories of the occupants of this unforgettable house.
Episode 8

WETA PassportEpisode 8

See complicated romances, new jobs, a fateful step and a scandal.

Episode 7

WETA PassportEpisode 7

See why Mary suffers flashbacks and Mrs. Hughes tricks Carson.

Episode 6

WETA PassportEpisode 6

Watch as the hospital war reaches a climax and Violet goes on the warpath.

Episode 5

WETA PassportEpisode 5

Witness a generous offer, a rescue, Robert’s upsetting behavior and Mary’s suspicions.

Episode 4

WETA PassportEpisode 4

Follow Anna and Mary as they rush to London and watch Daisy continue to press her case.

Episode 3

WETA PassportEpisode 3

A handsome volunteer helps Edith meet a deadline and the hospital debate turns nasty.