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A Chef's Life

The Final Harvest

Say goodbye to the show with a farewell feast of epic proportions.
Liver Lover

WETA PassportLiver Lover

Vivian visits one of her favorite farmers and a restaurant known for its fried livers.

Chasing Trout

WETA PassportChasing Trout

Vivian plans a respite from the road during the holidays, but finds herself busy at home.

Persimmon Style

WETA PassportPersimmon Style

Vivian takes the twins to pick persimmons and learn about the fruit's different varieties.

Bourbon Country

WETA PassportBourbon Country

Dinner at Maker’s Mark in Vivian’s honor turns into an American history lesson.

WANTED: Broccoli

WETA PassportWANTED: Broccoli

Vivian heads to NYC where her book launch means a full itinerary.

A Food Truck and a Pear Tree

WETA PassportA Food Truck and a Pear Tree

The arrival of Vivian's cookbook sparks a well of emotions.