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Asian Americans

Breaking Through

At the turn of the new millennium, the U.S becomes more diverse, yet more divided.
Generation Rising

WETA PassportGeneration Rising

During a time of war, a young generation fights for equality and claim a new identity.

Good Americans

WETA PassportGood Americans

Asian Americans fight for equality and expand the definition of Asian American.

A Question of Loyalty

WETA PassportA Question of Loyalty

An American-born generation straddles their country of birth and their parents’ homelands.

Breaking Ground

WETA PassportBreaking Ground

In an era of exclusion and U.S. empire, new immigrants arrive and adapt to life in America

Asian Americans Preview

Asian Americans Preview

The history of identity, contributions, and challenges experienced by Asian Americans.

"It Reminds Me I Have a Legacy To Live Up To"

"It Reminds Me I Have a Legacy To Live Up To"

Annie Tan uncovers a dark moment in her family's history.