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America in Primetime

An examination of the continuity and evolution of TV's main character archetypes through the years. The documentary series includes remarks from many actors and creative forces as it explores such archetypes as the independent woman, misfit, crusader and more.

There are no upcoming broadcasts of this program in the next two weeks. Check back soon!

What Washington Was Watching

America in Primetime premieres at 8pm on October 30 on WETA Television. So, we thought it might be fun to see what other shows aired that same day in the past. Dust off your memory caps, Washington, this is what you were watching 10, 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years ago! (And it probably wasn't even in HD.)

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D.C.'s Television Stars

We may not be New York or Hollywood, but Washington, D.C., has been home to a few TV stars over the years. And not just political pundits and talking heads, either. Take a look at our slideshow below for some of the most notable local actors who made it big.

Famous Faces From D.C.

Washington in Primetime

Over the years, Washington, D.C., has been the setting for many television series. Thanks to the magic of YouTube we've put together a playlist with the opening credits from a few of our favorites. Keep on the lookout for local sites

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