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Explore the workings of the Washington area's public transit system and follow the people who strive to keep the trains, buses - and those pesky escalators - running smoothly. 


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Watch this exclusive, behind-the-scenes video tour of the Washington, DC area's metro system.

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About the Washington D.C. Metro

Buses, stations and trails - the Washington, D.C. Metro is the second largest rail transit system and the fifth largest bus network in the United States. The service covers 1,500 square miles, branching into three states and crossing six jurisdictions. In addition to millions of tourists, about fifty percent of the ridership on the five lines are federal employees. 

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Metro Crossword Puzzle

Are you an expert Metro rider? Do you know how many colored lines there are in the Metrorail system? How about which Red Line station has the longest single-span uninterrupted escalator in the Western Hemisphere? Test your Metro knowledge and learn some great facts about Washington's Metro with this downloadable crossword puzzle.

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