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Jen Cheney

Jen writes about film and popular culture for The Washington Post as the anchor of the Web site's popular Celebritology blog, which has won second place in blogging from the Society for Features Journalism for the past two years. (The blogger who ranked ahead of Celebritology in this contest? The esteemed Roger Ebert.)  Jen has been with the Post for more than eleven years, where she also writes feature stories, reviews and columns about movie makers, celebrities and cultural trends for the print edition of the Post.

Jen is a Washington area native who previously worked at the Montgomery Journal and The Gazettes before landing at the Post. She also has freelanced for USA Today, People magazine and the parenting site Her voice has been heard on NPR's "All Things Considered," Canada's CBC show "Day 6" and on WTOP.

Her work in the film criticism arena began back in 1983, when she wrote her first movie reviews for the Farmland Elementary School newsletter. As a result of her sharp prose and valuable insights, it's possible that two additional fifth graders went to see "A Christmas Story."

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