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Honored to Serve

Honored to Serve


Honored to Serve is a WETA TV 26 broadcast and community engagement initiative that spotlights those who serve in America's military and their families at home, and seeks to foster a deeper appreciation of the U.S. military and its history. Honored to Serve aims to help Americans recognize service personnel and their families as an integral part of a wider national family with shared values and goals, rather than viewing them as "a force apart."

As part of the WETA Honored to Serve initiative, WETA TV 26 presents local productions that illuminate local people, places and history. Each of the six half-hour films — Local Heroes 1, Local Heroes 2, The Art of the Soldier, Never Forgotten, Ultimate Sacrifice and Remembering Vietnam — features multiple segments with a unifying theme. See all broadcast times.

You may also view a sampling of compelling profiles below, or visit the Honored to Serve video portal to see additional clips.


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