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WETA UK Transition to HD and How to Install a Digital Antenna

On August 4, 2020, WETA UK will transition to a high-definition (HD) format, offering viewers a clearer picture and a higher-quality viewing experience! The transition is occurring because WETA UK programming is increasingly produced in, or reformatted to, an HD standard. While this transition will be seamless for the vast majority of viewers, some WETA UK viewers may need to take action to continue to enjoy the programming they love. Those who have HD cable boxes or who watch WETA over the air (OTA) are not affected and do not need to take any action at all.

  • Viewers who use a standard-definition (SD) cable box with a digital TV will need to contact their cable company to upgrade to an HD box OR purchase/install an HD antenna (basic models are under $25) to watch WETA UK over the air.
  • Viewers who have a standard-definition (SD) cable box with an analog TV will need to upgrade to a digital TV and an HD box from their service provider OR upgrade to a digital TV and purchase an HD antenna.
  • Those who use an analog TV with a digital converter box will not need to take any action, but their 4:3 screen aspect ratio will lose some picture quality; a digital TV with an antenna may improve their viewing experience.



If you have difficulties receiving WETA UK after August 4, 2020 and cannot resolve the issue, contact WETA Audiences Services at 703-998-2724.


WETA UK Channel Guide

You can watch WETA UK in the Greater Washington area over the air, or on various cable systems as listed below:

  • Via antenna: 26.2

  • Comcast (HD subscribers only): 265, 1146

  • Cox: 800

  • Verizon FIOS (HD subscribers only): 474

  • RCN: 39 (SD), 602 (HD)


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