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WETA Hometown Heroes, 2008

Now in its tenth year, WETA Hometown Heroes is an Emmy Award-winning multimedia project that heralds individuals who improve their communities and encourages others to volunteer service. WETA produces television profiles on each hero and their work in the community.

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Gillian Kilberg Hodge

WETA Hometown Hero Gillian Kilberg Hodge - October 08

Credit: Freed Photography/Courtesy Gillian Kilberg Hodge

Barbara Mason

WETA Hometown Hero Barbara Mason - February 08

Credit: Ferne Barrow

Marta Palacios

WETA Hometown Hero Marta Palacios - April 08

Credit: Jeanine Toder

Liesel Flashenberg

WETA Hometown Hero Liesel Flashenberg - May 08

Credit: Daniel Nachtigal

Morgan Thomas and Patrick Gerdes

WETA Hometown Heroes Morgan Thomas and Patrick Gerdes - June 08

Credit: Virginia Kivlighan

Ann Yonkers and Bernadine Prince

WETA Hometown Heroes Ann Yonkers and Bernadine Prince - July 08

Credit: Kea Taylor - Imagine Photography

Marcia Gardner

WETA Hometown Hero Marcia Gardner - September 08

Credit: Stpehanie Prosack

Ed and Kathleen Guinan

WETA Hometown Heroes Kathleen and Ed Guinan - November 08

Credit: Kathleen Guinan

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