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Reading Rockets: Empowering Parents

When children struggle with reading, they're not the only ones who feel frustrated and alone. Parents suffer, too, wondering what they can do and where they can turn for help. Host Al Roker, of NBC's "The Today Show," tells stories of children from Portland, Oregon, Huntingtown, Maryland, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, as their parents work to find what their kids need to learn how to read. "Empowering Parents" will help moms and dads everywhere catch reading problems early on, find the right kind of support, and identify good reading instruction.

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empowering parents 1

Emiliann, of Huntingtown Elementary in Maryland, has worked hard to overcome reading difficulties and finally enjoys reading.

Credit: Scott Suchman

Al Roker

Al Roker, of "The Today Show," hosts "Empowering Parents," a primer for parents whose child may be struggling to read.

empowering parents 2

Jennifer Simpson fought hard to obtain services for Emiliann when her daughter first started to struggle. Simpson knew, through her experiences with her older son, that waiting only exacerbates a reading problem.

Credit: Scott Suchman

empowering parents 3

Emiliann shares a bittersweet moment, reading with her brother Keith. Keith battled severe dyslexia and never received the help he needed in school. Today, Keith feels limited by his poor reading skills.

Credit: Scott Suchman

empowering parents 4

"It's like a switch was turned on in my daughter," says Jennifer Simpson about the difference that reading interventions have made with her daughter Emiliann.

Credit: Scott Suchman

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