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101 Water

Jump into the water and learn how to build a simple backyard water feature and discover methods for collecting and reusing rainwater. Plus great ideas for containerized water gardens, a watermelon and raspberry salad, simple tips on the art of keeping your yard well-watered, and a tour of the inner workings of Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain.

102 Fences & Hedges

From easy-to-build fences and gates to elaborate pleached hedges made out of trees, Americans are hedging their bets and fencing themselves in like never before. Plus a decorative hedge for your table and grilling trout with the hedge trimmings.

103 Birds and Bees

From building a shrub border to attract wildlife and harvesting and grilling with honey to photographing your fine feathered friends successfully and using old-fashioned remedies for bee stings, Sean teaches us a few new lessons about the birds and the bees. Plus sound advice on choosing birdbaths, feeders and birdhouses for your backyard.

104 Farm

Celebrate how Americans are returning to the land. From the Community Supported Agriculture movement where customers buy a share in a local farm’s produce and the preservation of heritage breeds to simple farm cuisine, the farm is once again at the center of our lives. Plus transforming a garden shed into additional living space, a quick way to dress-up grilled vegetables and some sage advice for our homes from our colonial forebears.

105 Grass

Grass grows up! From maintaining a border of ornamental grasses to simple lawn care, learn how to grow your own. Plus the return of grass-fed cattle and cooking with lemongrass, learning how to build with bamboo and some mowers that leave the mind reeling.

106 Chicken & Egg

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? From the trend of creating living roofs of hens-and-chicks and retrofitting a stock shed for chickens or other space needs to a backyard breakfast made with farm fresh eggs on the grill, the age-old question takes on new meaning. Plus the art of setting up a party outdoors.

107 Conifers

From miniature evergreen forests for your back patio to one of the most beautiful conifer gardens in America — Seattle’s Kubota Garden — discover that there is more to conifers than just Christmas trees. Plus building a cedar potting bench, roasting scallops on a cedar plank and using pine nuts to transform simple tomatoes into a delicious treat.

108 Wood

Discover the art of using wood to imbue roasted meat with great flavor and how to create a beautiful woodland garden in your own backyard. Plus a visit to Massachusetts’ alluring Garden in the Woods, a woodpile transformed into landscape art and simple advice for caring for your outdoor wood furniture.

109 Vegetable

From Dan Hinkley’s beautiful potager on Washington’s Bainbridge Island to cooking with foraged ramps, vegetable gardening has grown up. Plus perennial vegetables that come back year after year, vegetables worth putting into your flower border and building a bean tower for your favorite climbing vines.

110 Stone

Visit the Rockefeller Stone Barns where they are battling to preserve our food heritage and discover simple ways to use river rock to create a decorative border for your beds and borders. Plus the art of rock gardening, building stone troughs and a felting project that will leave you between a rock and a soft place.

111 Metal

Discover the art of cooking on a cast-iron hibachi and how to use metallic foliage to add luster to your garden. Plus simple tips for upgrading your gutters, caring for metal furniture and tools and a visit to a master coppersmith.

112 Tomato

Discover colorful heirloom tomatoes that leave you seeing more than just red. Join the battle to save tomatoes cherished for generations and learn the art of cooking with and growing heirloom tomatoes. Plus a tomato trellis that will protect your bountiful harvest, making pizza on your barbecue, and simple advice for keeping you tomatoes fruiting as long as possible.

113 Flower

From growing edible flowers to artful ways of training flowering vines, discover that flowers are more than just pretty to look at. Learn how to make a no-sew flowering tablecloth that stays put on the picnic table, how to create an herbarium specimen worth framing and the art of making frozen yogurt with a surprising ingredient — rose petal jam.

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