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Burgers in Washington

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Burgers in Washington, a new local program from WETA TV 26, explores the gamut of great burgers in Greater Washington, from greasy to gourmet. The half-hour documentary visits over a dozen burger joints in the area, showcasing classic burgers to exotic and quirky updates on this favorite All-American food. Burgers in Washington premieres Tuesday, October 15 at 8 p.m. on WETA TV 26 and airs throughout the month.

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All-American Burger

An All-American burger from Ollie's Trolley in DC.

Credit: Rebecca Tulkoff

Burgers In Washington logo

Burgers In Washington logo

Credit: n/a

Digging in

A man enjoys a burger

Credit: Stefan Bautista

Enjoying a bite to eat

Enjoying a bite to eat at 2941

Credit: Keyan Momeni

A chef in action

A burger chef in action

Credit: Keyan Momeni

Joe's Amazing Burgers

A burger with fries

Credit: Rebecca Tulkoff

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