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When "Washington, D.C." comes up in conversation, many envision a city comprised of boring politicians, crushing humidity and horrible gridlock, where everyone secretly wants to be Frank Underwood and the appropriate soundtrack for any activity is "Hail to the Chief." We have pantsuits for every occasion, care only about what you do for a living and all our sports teams are cursed. We get it, the world thinks we're the District of Dullsville -- which is why we decided it's finally time to prove DC's critics wrong.

This summer, WETA will take you on a journey to meet the real Washington, D.C. -- a place where real people actually live, create and have fun in bizarre, diverse and unexpected ways. We're going out into the national capital region to highlight some of the most interesting, out-of-the-ordinary and under-the-radar activities -- stuff that is decidedly, "Not THAT D.C."

For the latest videos, check out our YouTube Channel. Look for new episodes on Mondays and be sure to let us know about other pastimes and groups that fit the bill. Your favorite hobby could be the subject of a future video!

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