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Kaleidoscope and Catharsis Exhibits for January 2020 at Gallery Clarendon



Dates:            Jan 6 – Feb 9 2020

                        Opening Reception and Meet the Artists: Friday, January 10, 5-7pm

                        Free and open to the public


Location:      Gallery Clarendon

                       2800 Clarendon Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201


There is a delicious irony at play in the universe when things are not always what they seem. Gallery Clarendon, for example, was once a restaurant.  Several restaurants, in fact.  For that is how things often go in Clarendon.  And then someone was able to look at a space that once served food and say, “You know what would be great here?  ART.”   And so the space was reinvisioned, and redesigned, as a place to feed the soul.  At the end of February, this temporary gallery, for it was always designed to be temporary, will be reimagined once more, and will become a restaurant once again.


The timing is almost an act of beauty in itself, for while the space was being reimagined, so was the work about to be displayed for its last exhibit, Kaleidoscope.  


When viewed through a kaleidoscope, the world alters and beautifully distorts reality through its lens. For its national juried show, juried by noted artist Gavin Glakas, Gallery Clarendon sought art which challenged the viewer to see the world through a different lens; art which challenges perceptions, depicts alternate viewpoints and reality or simply shows the beauty in seeing things from a different angle. 


Upstairs, in the Overlook Gallery, Sana Shahid's solo "Catharsis," consists of works in several media including acrylic, pencil and watercolor. ExKOpAmong these is "The Hands Series," a collection of acrylics-based paintings on canvas which the artists says "capture the essence of human nature: that starts from the ground up, influencing the way we tinker, toy, and imagine, and inspires a belief that where we create, can affect what we create." 


While you are soaking up the art and meeting the artists, you will be listening to the live light jazz of HYFY, a musical collective led by Avi Walter.  HYFY has been playing the Gallery Clarendon opening receptions since the gallery first appeared on the scene, featuring local musicians such as Jack Philipoom and Cliff Blum, who will be appearing on Friday, and Sam Matheson, Jason Hayes, and Brandon Landers.


Gallery Clarendon’s last opening reception will be this Friday, January 10th, from 5-7pm.   The opening reception is free to the public, and many of the artists will be present and would love to meet you and discuss their work.  




Attached Image: Perseverance - Children of War series, Acrylic on canvas, by Michael Fischerkeller


Attached Image:  Raise Your Hands, Acrylic on canvas, by Sana Shahid

Link for HYFY: 



Gallery Clarendon is located about a block away from the Clarendon Metro, and is easily accessible by public transportation or by car.  


For more information about Gallery Clarendon, visit

Gallery Hours: 11am - 7pm daily

Metro accessible (Clarendon station on Orange line). Parking is available in metered spots on nearby streets and in adjacent public garages.



An Arlington Artists Alliance Gallery

2800 Clarendon Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201




Sandi Parker

Managing Director of Galleries


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Gallery Clarendon Art Experience

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