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Happily Ever After

In Partnership of the Embassy of Spain 
And SPAIN arts & culture
Ambassador Theater Presents
World Premiere of
By Cristina Colmena 
Scenes of Love, Marriage and the Battle of Sexes
Directed by Hanna Bondarewska
Featuring: Karin Rosnizeck as She
Doug Krehbel as He
In Happily Ever After by Cristina Colmena, one and one not always equals two. The couples and its complicated arithmetic are exposed through three stories where characters want to be happy but they don´t know how. When you get stood up, when you wake up beside a stranger, when after thirty years you don´t know what to speak about. The loneliness of sleeping alone and of sleeping with someone. Why one plus one may equal nothing? 
Three couples of different ages, representing a lifetime of romantic struggles, are crippled by fears and insecurities and unable to find fulfillment in love. We see young lovers bound by a powerful attraction yet destined to part; cynical middle aged 'one night standers' failing to act on a promising encounter; and an older, deeply unhappy couple keeping up appearances after thirty years of marriage. 
The compelling dark comedy and its high emotional resonance present a chance for self-reflection and an opportunity to learn from the characters' mistakes. All three 'un-love' stories are poignant reminders that if we keep sitting on the fence, fearful and pessimistic, happiness may never come!

Categories: Theater, International

Event Venue

Flashpoint, Mead Theatre Lab

916 G Street, NW
Washington 20001

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  • Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 8:00pm
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