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Punking/Waacking Workshop with Esperonto Bean

This dance was pioneered and created in the late 70’s during the disco/funk era. Punking was an underground club style that started in the gay clubs in Hollywood, CA. Originally called Punking, this dance became known as Waacking and was made popular in the mainstream by Soul Train Dancers. This flamboyant dance style involves fast intricate arm motions around the head and body with periodic poses.

This two hour workshop will focus on technique, freestyle concepts and choreography. All levels welcome.

Event begins at 4:30PM

Presented by: Joy of Motion Dance Center

Featured Artist(s): Esperonto Bean

Categories: Dance

Event Venue

Joy of Motion Dance Center Friendship Heights

5207 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20015
  • Saturday, March 30, 2013

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