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Independent Film Screening: "The Time is...Now" - Hosted by Women in Film & Video

“The Time is…Now” shows common people trapped in uncommon situations, becoming survivors, not victims. From USA, Kenya, UK, Israel and Palestine, survivors of bombings, torture and crises who had only their inner power and faith to support them. War psychologists and spiritual leaders explore how people are empowered in dire circumstances to create peace, making our planet a better place. The film asks each of us to consider, what will I do to heal myself, the planet & humanity?

Filmmakers Vishal and Prashant are part of a team of three dynamic brothers from one of the most remote parts of India, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. Vishal taught himself filmmaking and has directed and produced movies and music videos that are worthy to be nominated for a Grammy and more. Never before have three brothers from such a remote part of the world living lives in peace and purity become such a service to mankind. This is a story of hope and inspiration!

Event begins at 6:30PM

Presented by: Women in Film & Video

Featured Artist(s): Vishal Hiraskar, Prashant Hiraskar

Categories: Lecture, Free, Film

Event Venue

Interface Media Group

1233 20th Street, NW Washington, DC
Washington, DC 20036
  • Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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