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The Embassy Series: Alif Laila, Sitar and Monir Hossain, Tabla

Alif was born and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which has been home to many notable and dynamic masters in music, art and literature for more than a century. The nature and culture of her homeland enhance the music and art that was innately embedded within Alif. Her family had a deep respect and regard for all forms of arts and encouraged her to choose what her heart desired. Alif’s music is enhanced by her deep connection with the visual arts as well. Her intricately woven feelings in music portray the delicate expressions of her watercolor designs in art. Her mastery of Indian classical music and sitar embodies the aura of mesmerizing traditions of that has flowed on through thousands of years with newness of precious fresh-ness every time starting from the Vedic era. $80/buffet reception

Event begins at 7:30PM

Presented by: The Embassy Series

Categories: Music: Classical

Event Venue

Embassy of Bangladesh

3510 International Drive
Washington, DC 20008
  • Friday, March 15, 2013

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