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Marilyn Cooley

Marilyn Cooley

A Message from Marilyn Cooley
June 5, 2017

Ever since my first visit as a child, I have wanted to live near the Rockies.  I've lived east of the Mississippi all my life; my last 30 years have been here in Washington on Classical WETA.  Here I have heard the most inspiring musical performances imaginable, and have spoken with the world's greatest artists.  Best of all, I met the person who deeply shares my passion for music, and we have been married for 26 years.  
He has a new job opportunity in Denver doing what he loves best; sharing classical music on the radio with the community.  His name is David Ginder, and he has been sharing that love here for almost three decades.  I will be joining him in Colorado next week.
I have made many dear friends here over the years, and am grateful to each and every one.  Just two months ago, I made new friends when the Boulder Philharmonic and their staff naturalist brought the spirit of the Rockies to Washington during the SHIFT Festival.  That experience finalized my determination to live in the western U.S.
Now I'm eager to start anew in a part of the world that feels like home.  Thank you, everyone, for making Washington my place for sharing music over the years.

NOTE: Marilyn's final on-air program is Friday, June 9th, 10am - 2pm.


Marilyn Cooley has been surrounded by great music all her life. She grew up in a home where classical music was present every day, in recordings, on the radio, and in performance with family members.

Inspired by appearances at state competitions with her high school choir, Marilyn studied music throughout her academic career. Following her undergraduate degree in music, she joined the American Musicological Society, and went on to earn her Master of Music at Northwestern University. There she performed as a chorister and soloist with the University Collegium Musicum, and specialized in music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

About working in radio, she says, "I like finding something about the music that offers listeners a sense of emotional recognition. Sometimes listeners come to think of the person on the radio as their friend, and the radio station eventually feels like home. I appreciate that relationship, and the opportunity to help the community connect with the inspiring music that we all love."

A former animal care volunteer at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and the primate and panda unit at the National Zoo, Marilyn's favorite leisure activity is birding by ear.