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SHIFT: Composer Christopher Theofanidis and Creation/Creator

Christopher Theofanidis (Credit: Matthew Friend)

When composer Christopher Theofanidis was commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra to write an oratorio about creation, he didn't want to mimic Haydn's great work celebrating the Biblical story, rather he wanted to write a work about the creative process drawn from multiple perspectives.  The result can be heard Friday night, March 31, 2017 at 8 PM as the SHIFT Festival of American Orchestras presents Theofanidis' "Creation/Creator" in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, soloists and actors led by Music Director Robert Spano.  Classical WETA's Deb Lamberton spoke with Mr. Theofanidis about his own creative process, and together they take a music-filled tour of this impressively cinematic and dramatic work.