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Pianist Ádám György

Hungarian pianist Ádám György (he says to just pronounce his last name like "Georgie") performed in recital for The Embassy Series on January 26, 2011. That just happened to be the day of a massive snow storm in Washington DC, but nevermind that. Shoes and tux in hand, Adam walked from his hotel to the concert venue at the Hungarian Embassy, where, minutes before he sat down to play, the electricity went out.

And so, Ádám György performed his recital the old-fashioned way--by candlelight! The next day, he joined Classical WETA's Deb Lamberton in the studio, where they talked about playing, and loving, music. His Hungarian Embassy candlelight recital can be heard Monday, October 3, 2011 at 9 pm on Classical WETA's Front Row Washington.