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Il Lauro Verde: The Blossoming of the Italian Baroque

Il Lauro Verde: The Blossoming of the Italian Baroque, is the poetic title of the Folger Consort's series of concerts, February 23 through the 25th. The concert recreates the experience of a "secret concert"--a Concerto Segreto from the Duke of Ferrara's court, where multi-talented virtuosi (men and women) performed for select audiences. Early music scholars, polymath performers, and co-founders of Italy's Palma Choralis Duo, Livio Ticli and Marcello Mazzetti, explain the concepts of the secret concerts and the virtuosi. The program includes music written for a famous woman performer, Laura Peperara by such luminaries as Monteverdi and Marenzio as well as excerpts from the pre-opera, La Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo by Emilio d'Cavalieri.