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Classical Breakdown

24. Recommended summer listening

June 30, 2020

Classical Breakdown will be taking a summer break, but first, some recommended recordings to enjoy this summer. Expand your musical palate with music by Florence Price found in an attic in 2009, new interpretations of music by Beethoven and Franck, and an album featuring an instrument you've probably never heard before.

Show Notes

Recommended Summer Listening

Florence Price Piano Discoveries with pianist Lara Downes

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple, and Amazon.

Sackbutt, trombone in the 17th and 18th centuries with trombonist Jörgen van Rijen

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple, and Amazon.

Key of A with violinist Lara St. John and pianist Matt Herskowitz

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple, and Amazon.

The Sackbutt


The sackbutt is smaller than the typical tenor trombone you see on stages today. The width of the tubing is slightly smaller, and the bell has a slight taper towards the end. 

tenor trombone

The tenor trombone has wider tubing, a larger bell, a key at the bottom of the slide to let out accumulated water from condensation, and commonly has an added valve to aid in lower notes.