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Classical WETA 90.9 FM showcases notable new (or newly reissued) albums each week. Hear selections from the album on-air throughout the week, and check online to learn more about the artist and the music.

September 28, 2020

Dan Brown: Wild Symphony

Dan Brown: Wild Symphony

Wild Symphony

It’s Wild Symphony Week here at Classical WETA as we turn our focus on a delightful new composition by best-selling author Dan Brown. Yes, the creator of The Da Vinci Code is a lifelong musician and composer, and his latest project pairs a children’s book about animals with an orchestral work.  

"My intent with Wild Symphony is to provide a fun, fresh opportunity for families, parents, children, and people of all ages to reconnect with the magical experience of classical music." -- Dan Brown

The best way to learn more about the book and music and how children can interact with both is to listen to this interview between afternoon host Nicole Lacroix and the author/composer. They talk about his creative process, the choice of animals, his background as a musician, and much more.  

Dan Brown's Wild Symphony features twenty animals, and we’ll feature several of these short movements each day this week. We’ll also present the full 36-minute symphony on Saturday morning at 10 o’clock and Sunday evening at 7. 

Here are the animals you’ll encounter: 

  1. Maestro Mouse
  2. Woodbird Welcome
  3. Bouncing Kangaroo
  4. Clumsy Kittens
  5. The Ray
  6. Happy Hippo
  7. Frogs in a Bog
  8. Anxious Ostrich
  9. The Armadillo Shell
  10. Dancing Boar
  11. Impatient Ponies
  12. Wondrous Whale
  13. Cheetah Chase
  14. Eager Elephant
  15. Rat Attack
  16. Busy Beetles
  17. Spiders on a Web
  18. Brilliant Bat
  19. Swan in the Mist
  20. Cricket Lullaby

Also Featured

Baiba Skride: Mozart Violin Concertos

Baiba Skride: Mozart Violin Concertos

Orfeo 997201

Along with the whimsical Wild Symphony, we’re featuring this week a new recording of the brilliant and elegant violin concertos by Mozart. The acclaimed Latvian violinist Baiba Skride brings her personal approach to these works together with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra.

"I think it is important to enjoy the music you have heard a thousand times and will hear a thousand times more with new eyes and simply allow the music to play." – Baiba Skride