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Door2Door Membership Campaign

WETA representatives are visiting neighborhoods throughout the greater Washington region, giving you the chance to support public television and radio in your area by becoming a member or renewing your existing membership.

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If you have questions about WETA representatives in your neighborhood, please call WETA's Audience Services Department at 703-998-2724 or email:

Meet Our Door2Door Team

Mark Clark (285-40-0102)

Mark Clark
ID #: 285-40-0102

Thomas Linn #285-40-049

Thomas Linn
ID #: 285-40-049

Abigail Maurno #285-40-093

Abigail Maurno
ID #: 285-40-093

Casey Morris

Casey Morris
ID #: 285-40-041

Natasha Robinson (285-40-063)

Natasha Robinson
ID #: 285-40-063

Chammorro Tatum (285-40-0101)

Chammorro Tatum
ID #: 285-40-0101

Giselle Tervalon #285-40-091

Giselle Tervalon
ID #: 285-40-091

Corey West

Corey West
ID #: 285-40-010

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